Weekend Journal #1 - 48 Hours In London

Recently I spent a couple of days in London and I decided to try and go to some places off the beaten track a little and of course take some images along the way!

God's Own Junkyard

One place I'd had on my list for ages to visit was God's Own Junkyard, a neon sign graveyard (it's a store but graveyard sounds way cooler) where the owner both sells and rents out the signs for set design for movies and TV. It's really hard to capture the feel of the place in images so I'd highly recommend checking it out in person if you can. They even sell beer - what more do you want?

Regent's Canal

I took the tube back to King's Cross and decided to walk along Regent's Canal to Camden. It was really cool to see the contrast between old and new all along the canal, the old canal boats and locks contrasted with the high speed rail infrastructure for Eurostar right along side it, and the new circular flats squeezed into the old ironwork for long since gone gas holders.

Barbican Conservatory

This place has also been on my list for ages and it's only open a few Sundays a year so I was lucky that my trip coincided with one of them. The Barbican isn't too far from from Liverpool Street Station by foot and the Conservatory itself is absolutely stunning. It's not massive but the plants are really packed in, some stretching three stories or more up to the glass ceiling almost trying to break out plus a large collection of succulents and cacti. It's well worth a trip on a Sunday afternoon!

Sky Garden

Final stop was SkyGarden, again somewhere I've been wanting to go ever since it opened, but I've been saving it until I was on my own as Charlotte is scared of heights! It's a public park so it's free, but you do have to book a spot online and go through airport style security in order to get to the top. In my case, this took a little while, so by the time I got to the top the weather had transformed from blue skies to a strange ethereal light, which I later found out was due to Saharan dust storms! Still - great views and a great place to enjoy a glass of wine looking out over the capital and a great way to round off the trip.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy the images! You can also see more of my work on Instagram @jameschastneyphoto.