"The Beast From The East" and the Social Media Game

So one of my new year’s resolutions was to take and post more personal work.

I think one of the dangers of trying to make money full time, part time, or even as a little spending money from your hobby is that you may start to see it as a job and lose track of why you enjoyed it in the first place.

Add to that, the cyclical social media game where artists have to try and beat the algorithms and advertisers just to get people to even see their work and you have a situation where people start to produce content that they think will look good on social media rather than something more meaningful. I have over a thousand 'followers' on Instagram. Now, this is nothing in the grand scheme of things (and also, who really cares), plus you can make a fairly safe assumption that probably 10-20% of these followers are bots and have never nor will ever look at my feed. Then, based on my 'business insights', only around 20% of the real followers that are left actually see my posts. 2018 is my year of not giving a wotsit about social media, and I feel much better for it!

Anyway, here are some images I took during the ‘Beast from the East’ snowstorm which snowed us into our village for a couple of days. I've never seen snow like it, the abandoned cards in drifts five feet high, snow ploughs eventually coming through every few hours. It's nice to be reminded us humans and our worries are pretty insignificant compared to Mother Nature.

I really like the images and I enjoyed taking them, I hope you do too.

The Mardle Duck Pond, Lound, Suffolk

It was really hard to illustrate the depth of the snow as a lot of the usual frames of reference were gone, but this bench was looking pretty buried!

And on the third day of being snowed into the village, our saviours arrived!