Whether you're a new model, actor, actress or dancer, or coming back to it after some time away it's important to have up to date images in your portfolio to show off your stuff in what is a very competitive industry.

When you book me for a model portfolio shoot we'll shoot several different looks and poses, full body, seated and standing as well as headshots and more traditional portraits across a variety of locations and backdrops.

The shoots don't have a time limit and you can change your outfit as often as you like (in fact a variety is good) - we shoot until we're both happy we have the images we need. Norfolk and Suffolk have some great locations to shoot in; whether it's old or modern areas of Norwich, a great beach or a local park, there’s plenty to choose from!

After the shoot you then get the digital files for your portfolio, your social media accounts and for submission to agencies - or whatever else you want to do with them!

Check out some of the portfolio images in the gallery below or contact me for more details!